The Way We Were in 1987

The Way We Were in 1987

39ers Displaying Their Creative Efforts

This photo appeared in the April, 1987, issue of The Center Menorah, where the caption began “The Menorah had to save this picture of the 39ers displaying their creativity until there was room,” so this photo was taken at least a month or two before that. The 39ers was the name for a popular adult group which met monthly at the Center during the 1980’s.


Proudly displaying their work here are, standing, left to right: Hinda Duhan, Rose Busch, Herb Nash, Homer Kramer; sitting: Faye Himmelstein, Marion Goodstein, Ruth Krasnow. All but Marion have passed on.


Homer’s wife Genevieve, longtime resident of Oak Ridge, lives in Missouri. Herb’s daughter Karen lives in Nashville. Marion Goodstein lives in Jerusalem.


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