Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get KOSHER FOOD in Knoxville? 

Kroger at 4918 Kingston Pike: A selection of fresh and frozen kosher meat, chicken and cheese is available. A nice selection of canned and packaged kosher products and kosher breads and rolls are also available.


Trader Joe's at 8001 Kingston Pike: A selection of fresh kosher meats, including beef and poultry.  They also stock whole kosher turkeys for Thanksgiving.


Food City at 284 Morrell Road:  A selection of frozen kosher meat and a selection of canned and dry goods.


Publix at Northshore Town Center: Fresh challah in the bakery, small selection of frozen, canned and dry goods.


Griller's Pride, a kosher meat provider in Atlanta, makes periodic deliveries to Knoxville.  


Sanctuary Vegan Cafe is Knoxville's only vegan restaurant.  However, Knoxville is home to many independent, farm-to-table restaurants which proudly offer vegetarian options on their menu. 


Is there a mikvah in Knoxville?

Currently, there is no mikvah in Knoxville.  The closest mikvah is located at the Chabad Jewish Center of Chattanooga.


Is there a certified mohel for my son’s ritual circumcision?

Email Dr. Josh Gettinger at 
or contact the KJA Office (865) 690-6343 and we will contact him on your behalf.