The Way We Were in 2010


BBYO Spring Formal

Left to right, back row: Olivia Talman, Emma Silver-Alford, sweetheart Bryna Oleshansky, incoming beau Justin Spiegelman, Megan Weiss, Rachel Iroff, Mara Hahn; middle row: Elyse Messing, Adriana Stuart, Ariel Spiegelman, incoming sweetheart Liza Reineri, Rachel Zoldessy, Rachel Brown, Mckenzie Felthoff; front row: Jolie Spiegelman, Addison Leinart, Amber Khaddouma, Leah Pearl; floor: incoming little brother Aaron Chasan

Of this group, only Elyse Messing still lives in Knoxville, where she's currently a BBG advisor. To see the list of parents who continue to live in Knoxville or environs, go to

Thanks to Bryna and Deborah Oleshansky for the photograph and the identification.

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