The Way We Were in 1987

Rehearsal at Heska Amuna for Israel Independence Day


Israel Independence Day was celebrated at the AJCC in 1987 on May 3. The Archives has this photo, labeled “Israel Independence Day 1987,” but the stage is not the one in Caller Auditorium at the AJCC, but the one at Heska Amuna Synagogue. The photo came from a photo album kept at the Center labeled “1985-1988.” So we suspect this was a rehearsal photo for the event at the AJCC.


Left to right: the late Neil Cohen, Guy Ladetzky, Jeremy Cohen, Emily Schaefer (Williams), Leslie Koppel (Chaffer), Rachel Dobbs (Cohen), Miriam Leibowitz, Rimma Finkel, Autumn Brietstein (Katz).


Emily Schaefer Williams continues to live in Knoxville, as do Miriam’s parents Larry and Kay Leibowitz, and Autumn’s parents Abraham and Judy Brietstein.


Thanks to Nancy and Jeff Becker, Deborah Bush Roberts, Scott Hahn, Pam Brody, Judith Rosenberg, Leslie Koppel Chaffer, Rachel Dobbs Cohen, Rody Thompson, and Jeremy Cohen for help in identification.


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