The Way We Were in 1998

The Way We Were in 1998


AZA friends at West High School Graduation


These AZA friends made a point of going to one another’s high school graduation, whenever possible. 

Standing, left to right: Cody Hanford, Noah Goodfriend, Marshall Goldman, Adam Abeles (valedictorian), Jonathan Branton, Elliot Smith, Robby Hecht; crouching, Ben Johnson.

Marshall Goldman and Noah Goodfriend live in Knoxville while Jonathan Branton is here for the summer. Adam Abeles, Elliot Smith, and Robby Hecht live in Nashville.

Cody’s parents Shelley Mangold and Dayton Hanford live in Knoxville, as do Adam’s parents Carol and Steve Abeles, Elliot’s parents Karen and Brian Smith, and Robby’s parents Shelly and Jeff Hecht.

Thanks to Shelley Mangold for the donation of the photograph.


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We apologize for misidentifying Noah Goodfriend in the print edition of Ha'Kol.


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