The Way We Were in the 1970's

The Way We Were in the 1970’s

AJCC Cubs Basketball Team


Left to right, Back row: coaches Martin Abrams and Harold Silber

Middle row:  Neil Krauss, Paige Brody, Wendy Russotto

Front row: David Slovis, Daniel Messing, Jordan Shulman, Michelle Merlin

Martin and Harold continue to live in Knoxville.  Daniel Messing lives in Knoxville, as do Neil’s father Stephen Krauss, Paige’s parents Sondra and Buzz Brody, David’s aunt Marilyn Presser, and Michelle’s parents Anita and Al Merlin.  Wendy’s parents Myrna and Irv Russotto just recently left Knoxville.

Thank you to Myrna Russotto for the donation of this photograph.


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