1925-1928 JD Cooper Store update

The Way We Were (redux) ca 1925 – 1928
J D Cooper Store, 103 South Central Avenue

In May of 2009, we ran this photo in “The Way We Were,” identifying it as “circa 1922” and noting that Harry Cooper, father of Ivan, was the boy on the bicycle.  With time sometimes comes wisdom.  Harry was born in 1920, so this photo could not have been taken in 1922, if that was Harry.  With additional consultation, we can now say that Harry was probably between 5 and 8 when this photo was taken, and that the boy in the doorway is his older brother Leon and the one on the far right is his brother David.  The store was run by the Cooper father Isaac during his lifetime, but was titled in the name of his wife, Jennie, who continued to run it for a time after Isaac’s 1927 death.
Thanks to Joani Leeds and Ardell Terry of Florida for the additional identifications and clarification.  They are daughters of  Isaac and Jennie Cooper’s daughter Rosie.

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