Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge

101 W.Madison Ln
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

JCOR Admin
P: 865-483-3581

Reform Rabbi Victor Rashkovsky

Mainly Conservative practice

The Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge is an unaffiliated congregation, founded in 1943. We follow mainly Conservative practices and have been led by Reform Rabbi Victor Rashkovsky since 1983.

Among the members of the Oak Ridge Synagogue, we have people of many different theological views and various degrees of ritual observance. However, we are all united by our love and respect for Jewish religious tradition, by our desire to support continuous strong Jewish presence in our community, and by the paramount principles of mutual respect and tolerance toward individual religious choices.

Our synagogue building, Beth El Center, serves not only as a home for our religious functions, but as a place for many social, educational, and cultural activities. It is a warm and welcoming Jewish community that you would enjoy visiting and/or joining.