Swim team plans for summer 2021 are in the works--please stay tuned!

Smokin' Salmon Swim Team 


is a family-oriented program, encouraging swimmers to work toward achieving their fullest potential while supporting and encouraging the efforts and achievements of their teammates.


Essential to our success is the concept of team spirit and camaraderie strengthened through hours of practice, support of team members, mentoring opportunities for older swimmers and acceptance of new challenges and greater responsibility.


Smokin' Salmon swim team is open for children ages 5-18.  Swimmers are divided into age group competition levels. 


We provide a low coach-to-swimmer ratio to ensure that each swimmer is given the personal attention and instruction needed to reach his/her potential. Coaches will work with swimmers during practices to ensure the swimmer is working at a level that both challenges and encourages.


If you have questions about any of our programs, please call us at 690-6343.

We hope you join us for another exceptional summer of “The Most Fun Under the Sun” at the AJCC.

Congratulations 2019 Senior Swimmers!