15 2021

7:30pm June Hadassah Book Club

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Contact Barbara Mintz

We welcome you to participate in our next Hadassah Book Club meeting. On June 15 we will be discussing The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish.

THE WEIGHT OF INK: Set in London of the 1660s and the early twenty-first century, The Weight of Ink is the interwoven tale of two women of remarkable intellect: Ester Velasquez, an emigrant from Amsterdam who is permitted to scribe for a blind rabbi just before the plague hits the city and Helen Watt, an ailing historian with a love of Jewish history. Helen enlists the help of an American graduate and embarks on one last project to determine the identity of the documents' scribe. The Weight of Ink is about women separated by centuries—and the choices and sacrifices they must make in order to reconcile their hearts and minds. 


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