photo by Flora Rosefsky

About the Schwarzbart Gallery


Arnold Schwarzbart was an artisan of functional and artful Judaic pieces.  His work has graced homes and communities around the world.  Thanks to the Schwarzbart family and the Knoxville Jewish community, the Schwarzbart Gallery at the Arnstein Jewish Community Center was created as a permanent exhibit of some of Arnold's work as well as a home for rotating displays of local Jewish art and cultural history.


The Schwarzbart Gallery is located in the lobby of the Arnstein Jewish Community Center.

Currently on display...

KJA Archives Committee Exhibit Honoring Milton Collins


Milton Collins was the Arnstein Jewish Community Center director from 1942-1963. Various items from Milton's life and time as the AJCC director are on display, thanks to the Collins family and the KJA Archives.


Visit the KJA Archives for more on the history of Jewish life in Knoxville.