About PJ Library Knoxville


PJ Library® is a Jewish Family enrichment program open to families with children from 6 months to 8 years of age.  We are now introducing a specialized program for children ages 9 - 12 (this group of children get to select which books they receive each month). We mail free, high-quality Jewish children's literature and music to families in the greater Knoxville area on a monthly basis.  


PJ Library Knoxville also sponsors family friendly events throughout the year where children and their families can grow in Jewish learning and values through literature. For questions about our local PJ Library program and events, please contact our PJ Library coordinator, Ally Wiener.


Visit our community page on the PJ Library website for more information and to sign up.  TO GRANDPARENTS:  PJ Library registration should be done in the community where the CHILD lives.  In additional to the books, PJ Library has local programming for young families.   If your grandchild does not live in Knoxville, please register through the PJ Library homepage.

The PJ Library is a partnership of Castine and the late Tom Theriot of Houston, Texas, Emily and Matthew Theriot of Knoxville, Tennessee, AJCC Preschool. THANK YOU!!


You can donate to PJ Library 
through KJA funds.


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For more information about PJ Library Knoxville, contact Ally Wiener, program@jewishknoxville.org.


Looking for high quality Judaica books for your child? Visit the PJ Library Collection in the Orwitz Room at the AJCC!

Upcoming PJ Library Knoxville Events

Read the April 2018 Newsletter for detailed information on upcoming events.